Dr. Alok Samal                        

Alok Samal

M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD

Technical Assistant

Department of Environmental Science,
University of Kalyani

Presently continuing Postdoctoral Research Work in Department of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani.

Contact Address:

Residence Address        
Phone (office)
Phone (mobile)        

+91 - (033) 2580 8749
+91 - 94334 32613

Techniques Known:

Microbiological experiments
. Microbial experiments like isolation, staining, identification, maintenance and culture
techniques of microbes, Immunological techniques.

. Biochemical analysis
. Enzyme activity like Amylase, Catalase, Peroxidase etc
. Macromolecule estimation and quentitification (Carbohydrate/Protein)
. Chromatographic techniques (Paper, Thin layer and Column)
. GEL electrophoresis and PCR
. DNA Extraction and analysis
. Toxicological analysis
. Fluorescence and Absorbance spectra studies
. Chromosome aberration study
. Different experimental works on heavy metals like Arsenic and Mercury
. Trace Element and Heavy metals analysis through AAS
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