Past Executive Committee (2012-13):

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KUESAA Executive Committee  (2012-13)


Dr. Alok Chandra Samal


Palash Mal

Asst. Secretary

Nimai Bera


Satabdi Banerjee

Publication &
Website Moderation

Soumyadeep Mukherjee


1.  Dr. Piyal Bhattacharya
2.  Dr. Rajarshi Mitra
3.  Debargha Chakraborty
4.  Joyjit Majumder
5.  Rishiparna Guha
6.  Subhojit Bhar
7.  Amit Saha
8.  Arnab Ghosh


Prof. S. C. Santra
Prof. D. Das
Prof. D. K. Khan
Dr. R. Bhattacharyya
Dr. S. Mukherjee

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KUESAA Rules & Regulations:

1.  Any faculty, staff and ex-students, who obtained degrees from the Department since 1990, will be eligible as a member of the Association.
2.  The "Annual Membership" fee has been fixed at Rs 100/- (one hundred only), whereas the "Life Membership" fee has been set as Rs.500/- (five hundred only) for the year 2007-08. The financial year in respect to all the monitory transactions including the membership affairs will be considered from 1st April to 31st August.
3.  There will be an executive committee of nine to eleven members, which will be reconstructed during every Reunion. The Executive Committee (EC) will take the responsibilities of functioning of KUESAA for its tenure and also organizing the departmental reunions and picnic, mobilizing the present students.
4.  The EC will meet at least thrice a year or at any time as and when required.
5.  One or more representatives from the present M.Sc Part II and/or M.Phil students will be incorporated in the EC for maintaining the liaison.
6.  General Body (GB) meeting will be held every year at the occasion of departmental reunion or picnic.
7.  The bank account for KUESAA will be operable by the signature of any two of the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. There will be an annual audit of the account and the detailed statement of expenditure will be placed before GB at the annual meeting.
8.  All the members of KUESAA are expected to be abide by the rules and regulations of the association, as conveyed to them from time to time. It is also the duty of the members to be updated about the stipulations and activities of KUESAA, although the duty of proper information dissemination is conferred on the EC.
9.  The EC or KUESAA, will not be responsible for any unlawful activities of any of the members using the name of the Association. Moreover, the membership will summarily be cancelled if any one found misusing the name of the Association or is held accused by the Court of Law.

The Executive Committee & KUESAA Rules
The Executive Committee:

The General Body meeting was conducted in the afternoon of the reunion (2nd April, 2016) in presence of the KUESAA EC members present at the Department. An Executive Committee for the Alumni Association for the coming year 2016-17.

President Dr. Santanu Chowdhury
Vice President Dr. Piyal Bhattacharya
Secretary Dr. Nimai Bera
Assistant Secretary Dr. Jayjit Majumdar
Treasurer Dr. Alok Samal


1.     Dr. Punarbasu Chaudhuri
2.     Dr. Rajarshi Mitra
3.     Dr. Sutapa Bose
4.     Mr. Suman Samanta
5.     Mr. Pinaki Bose
6.     Ms. Soumi Betal
7.     Mr. Neelmoni Roy
8.     Ms. Rajeswari Roy
9.     Ms. Amrita Chaudhuri
10.    Mr. Haidar Ali