About Us
Kalyani University Environmental Science Alumni Association (KUESAA) is the ultimate place for all the alumni of this department to rediscover the social bonding with their alma matter, in the process of washing-off the rust that time may have imposed on them.

Apart from being a social platform, KUESAA intends to act as a professional pathfinder. A number of alumni of this department have achieved prestigious positions in both the domains of academia and industry. It is the love for their alma matter that drives them to help the present and future students of this department to flourish in life and KUESAA can provide the required nourishment for that.

With Prof. S.C.Santra & other faculty members at the helm of KUESAA, we hope that this initiative will meet its desired goal, keeping aside all the hindrances of path.

In the wake of 21st century, in the ever changing scenario of the world environment, we, the environmentalists are realizing our worth. The industry is opening their door for us, every technological advancement is taking place keeping the environmental consequence in mind, the research institutes around the world are stressing on environmental research. Pollution control, Waste treatment, Auditing & EIA farms are doing brisk business. All these have opened up a whole new promising future for the Environmentalists. But, to take its advantage, we have to be well informed, well connected and well organized. So, we, the alumni of the most distinguished Environmental Science Department in Eastern India must develop a stronger sense of camaraderie more than ever & come together under the umbrella of an Alumni Association.