Department of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani

Department of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani

Department of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani
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The Genesis
At present the Department offers Ph.D, M.Phil & M.Sc Degree in Environmental Science.
The Department has five Permanent Faculty Members, several Visiting Faculty and seven Office Staffs.

The major Research Areas are: 

(a) Basic and Applied Ecology,
(b) Pollution Biology,
(c) Environmental Impact Assessment,
(d) Microbiology,
(e) Bioinorganic and Environmental Chemistry,
(f) Bioremediation,
(g) Landscape Ecology,
(h) Geomorphology,
(i) Remote Sensing,
(j) Resource Studies,
(k) Atmospheric Science,
(l) Environmental Toxicology and Immunology.

Head of the Department:

Prof. Debasish Das

Genesis of the Department of Environmental Science:

The Department of Environmental Science was established in 1985 as "School of Environmental Science". The "Department of Ecological Studies" was created from the School in 1987. Initially, the School functioned as Research Unit and then teaching was started from 1990-91 academic session as "M.Phil in Ecology". In July, 1998, the "Department of Environmental Science" started M.Sc Programme, M.Phil programme was stopped. Then again M.Phil was started from the year 2005.

1985: Establishment of the School of Environmental Science
1986: Planning for Academic Programme of the School of Environmental Science
1987: Creation of Department of Ecological Studies under the School of Environmental Science
1988: Initiation of Research Programme in the Department of Ecological Studies
1989: Preparation of Academic Programme of the Department of Ecological Studies. Shifting of and construction of the new building for School of Environmental Science
1990: Onset of M.Phil Programme on Ecology under the School of Environmental Science
1991: First Ph.D of the Department awarded
1992: Research Fund obtained from Dept. of Non - conventional Energy, Govt. of India
1993: Research Fund obtained from UGC
1994: Preparation of M.Sc Programme along with M.Phil Programme
1995: Research Fund obtained from Ministry of Environment and Forests
1996: Approval of M.Sc programme by the University
1997: Re - designation of Dept. of Environmental Science instead of Dept. of Ecological Studies
1998: Onset of M.Sc Programme on Environmental Science
1999: Construction of First Floor of the present building
2000: Passing - out of first M.Sc batch. First NET - JRF Fellowship awarded. First Reunion Programme was organized
2001: Research support available from State DST and research link with various institutions
2002: Onset of Refresher course on Environmental Science for College and University teachers. Setting - up of ENVIS Centre on Environmental Biotechnology
2003: Research funding support obtained from CSIR, UGC and WB Government
2004: Department organized first National Conference. Construction of Second floor of the present building
2005: Setting - up of Green House for rare endangered plants supported by the MoEF
2006: Initiation of Industry - Institute partnership programme for Research & Consultancy
2007: Funding support obtained from DBT, ICMR, UGC. Formation of KUESAA
2008: Department received DST - FIST support
2009: Proposed extension of existing building - plan approved. Funding support obtained from Environment Department, Govt. of India and UGC - DAE programme